New Innovations

Ferno iN/X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System

Stop Lifting & Reduce EMS Injuries with the new iN/X from Ferno.  Click on the video below for more details.

intelliplex i4GINTELLIPLEX i4G

Horton’s fourth generation electrical system redefines the industry with enhanced displays, endless programming capabilities, and optimized performance.

Intelliplex i4G™ offers you improved operations, utilizing an electrical control system that is faster, stronger, and smarter than ever before. The Horton Connect mobile app and Command Center provide added benefits for external control, preventative maintenance and system diagnostics – all lengthening the life of your vehicle.

Simply put, Intelliplex i4G™ was designed and programmed to make your job easier, create a safer environment, and extend the life of your ambulance.

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Cool Tech II

Cool Tech IIThe Eco Smart COOL TECH II with solar charging panel is the ultimate in new technology only available from Horton Emergency Vehicles.

Cool Tech

Custom 4 fan Eco Smart condenser design:

--Improves efficiency and capacity (largest condenser on the market)
--Smart GREEN Condenser activates fans one at a time based on demand
--Roof pocket location reduces damage and improves efficiency

1.2 AMP solar panel charging your batteries all the time

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CL 20 CL20 Electronic Lock - Kaba Mas

The CL20 electronic lock challenges the common practice of securing narcotics drawers and cabinets with mechanical keys.

Consider being able to control access rights by assigning a unique ID to each authorized user, or program units to require one or two valid combinations in order to open.  You also have the ability to retrieve audits, providing instant verification of locking opening and closing events. Not to mention eliminating lost, copied, or misused keys.

The CL20 from Kaba Mas. Easy to install, operate and packed with some much need know who.

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Mobile CabinetsMobile Medical Cabinet Systems - OTE International
  • All OTE units contain no CFC's or harmful contaminants and require only standard tools for installation.
  • Units are installable in a variety of configurations
  • Functional in mobile, temporary or stationary environments
  • Reliable, Robust and Low Maintenance Solid-State technology
  • Snap locks for fast and consistent access to contents
  • Padlock, key, keypad or other methods of locking for security of narcotics
  • High tech insulation and thermolectric proportional controlled methodology
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

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